We find the root cause
of the problem


Troubleshooting problems in software system in production sites to the root cause of the failure.

When system crushes in production the main concern is to restart it again ASAP. Sometimes the crushes repeat again and again because there is a problem to find the root cause of the problem.
Our team will come to your production floor. Collect instrumentation and debugging information with minimum intervention to the operational routine of the system. The collected data is analyzed together with your IT and development teams to reveal the root cause of the problem. Using low level tools enable us to dig deeper into the problem and find the root cause of the problem. The outcome of the process includes process improvement recommendations that will help to eliminate this type of problem from happening again.

Preparing a software system to production/enterprise/customer environments.

By preparing your software system to the production environment, you significantly reduce the operation costs and TCO of the system, reduce down time, receive early warning on upcoming possible failures and have pre designed mitigation procedures.
Our team will learn your specific software system features and analyze it for production environment compatibility gaps.  According to the analyze process results and together with your IT and development teams, we will construct a working plan to add instrumentation and production time features to the system. The process includes guiding the process and helping your team in all the technical aspects of the process.

Mentoring and safe guarding software systems development process.

In software systems development age matters. The experience of people that were in the field and troubleshooted problems in the production floor. The experience of people that remember not only what the functions are doing but also the proper way to use or abuse them. All that experience might help your team to develop a better software system.
Our team will join your team on a regular base, listen to the discussions, problems and considerations and will contribute from our rich and extensive experience.

Knowledge gap analyzing and reduction.

Whenever there is a new software technology, the development and IT organizations face the same problem: how to best get the team up to date and up to speed with the new technology.

Our team will analyze your specific knowledge requirements, measure and qualify your team current skills and prepare a gap reduction plan tailored to your specific needs. The plan includes monitoring and measuring progress.

IDAG offers knowledge gap solutions starting from monitored self training up to full gorilla boot camps according to scale and requirements, utilizing our unique rich and extensive experience in the field and in real world scenarios.