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Production Time Debugging Workshop (3 days).

Target Audience: Support personnel, Help desk, IT, QA, Field technicians and Developers.
Short description: Presenting the tools and techniques necessary to collect and analyze data in the field and in production environments.
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WinDbg (User Mode) Workshop (3 days).

Target Audience: Senior Developers and anyone who wants to improve its debugging skills, and add strong debugging tools and techniques to its magazine.
Short description: The WinDbg debugger is a very strong and powerfull debugging tool, used to debug native and managed code and to analyze memory dumps. It is an excellent tool to find subtle bugs and to investigate and analyze user mode dumps in development environment.
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Preparing Application for Production using Instrumentation Workshop (3 days).

Target Audience: Senior developers and Team leads.
Short description: Covering the operating system instrumentation services and APIs and how to integrate them in the application during development, and usage during QA and production.
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Defining Instrumentation Requirements for an Application Workshop (1 day).

Target Audience: Architects, Developer Team leads, IT managers, Customer representatives.
Short description: How to specify and define application instrumentation requirements and features in the application specification documents.
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