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About IDAG Ltd and IDesign Inc.

IDAG Ltd. is the business partner of IDesign Inc. in Israel.

Over the years we have produced the IDesign unique seminars in Israel and provided access to their consulting and mentoring to our customers.

Jarkko Kemppainen from IDesign is going to visit Israel on 22-26 April 2018 to deliver the  Architecture Clinic.
Juval Löwy is going to visit Israel on 24-28 June 2018 to deliver the Advanced Architect's Master Class and again on 23-27 December 2018 to deliver The Architect's Master Class
The workshops are conducted in English and attendees from abroad are welcome with special guest prices, Contact us NOW for details.

Juval Lowy

Please contact us if you have any question about IDesign Inc. activities in Israel (or contact IDesign Inc. directly).

For more on IDesign in Israel, see the IDesign page at the Hebrew site.